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Top 7 Valentines Day Flowers

Valentine's Flowers

Another Year.. Another Valentines Day is upon us! Its the time of the year where you can take the time to show that special someone just how much you love them! Valentines day also known as Saint Valentines day or the feast of Saint Valentine is a annual holiday on February 14th it originated as a western Christian Liturgical day honoring one or more saints named Valentines and is now a commercial celebration and a time to share with a loved one!

As we know flowers are that something special we all Love to receive, so Olivia Brooke are sharing with you 7 alternative Valentines flowers to inspire you to make this Valentines extra special! 


1.Red & Pink Tulips symbolize fresh Beginnings, so perfect if you have just started a new romance or maybe its an old flame and your are re-igniting romance! A scarlet Tulip represents "Perfect Love" according to a Turkish Legend!

Tulips are also a great flower if you are in the "DOG House", a yellow tulip brings Cheerful thoughts & encourages forgiveness when mixed with white Tulips.

2. Orchids bring a Tropical feel and when mixed with Anthuriums it brings a feeling of warmth and far away places we all desire.

Orchids in particular are a very delicate & Graceful flower representing "Love,Luxury,Strength & Beauty!"

3. A smiley Sunflower with its bright yellow Petals& open face symbolizes the sun itself. A bouquet mix of these beautiful flowers conveys "Warmth, Happiness, Adoration & Lasting Love."

4.The Gerbera/ Daisy is  innocent & Fun but a Red one is a sweet way to express your Love. A multicolored bunch says "I admire you,Thank you, I Love You, and you make me happy" all at once.

5.Lilies are a Natural Beauty, although not loved by all.

They area Elegant & refined flower and a bold choice

So many Lilies to choose from but a Cala Lilly blends really well with " Purity & Innocence or a Red Favourite, which character makes you think of red shaped Petals.

6. Carnations are an old Favorite for many occasion. A pink Carnation Symbolizes a Mothers undying Love, maybe give this to the other of your children to show how much you care and a carnation are Budget friendly so you can go BIG!

Last Year  36 percent of women brought flowers for their guy on Valentines day and what better and different way than a pot of Succulents say "I love you" in an unusual but masculine way!

7. Succulents like Aloe, Cacti & Sempervium are easy to care for and last for months inside or outside!

So why not this year use some of these Valentine's flowers Inspiration! Ask your local florist to make a Bespoke Bouquet with one of the flowers that represents your Love Perfectly!

Olivia Brooke Floral Designs based in Berkshire, although in the middle of three counties, Hampshire, Berkshire & Surrey. We deliver in a 20 mile radius from our Valentine's flower studio (Sandhurst) so if you are in your catchment of Your Loved one! Call one of the team today, you let us know what you want, your budget and we will do the rest..... we would love to make this Valentines one to remember,




Top 7 Valentines Day Flowers