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2019 Wedding Trends

We have been research all the Current & Predicted Trends for Weddings into 2019-2020 all yoou need to know about if your getting married!

2019 Wedding decor & Styling Trends will be moving away from conventional whites & Creams, Reds , Pinks and even oranges are set to be the colours for all Floral Arrangemmnets through to weddding dresses! More weddings are cutting out the whites and more couples are going for decor and embracing bright colours or soft shades of nude ,blush and blue which offer a prettier alternative to whites!

Nude & Pastel wedding flowers with Fragrant Garden roses, stocks and sweet peas in whimsical and rustic shades are going to be some of the most popular summer blooms to appear. An Old Favoruite of the team at Olivia Brooke and many brides is the Peony Bouquet, this is a timeless wedding flower which will be again huge in summer 2019. This flowers is a good all rounder it can be crafted in bouquets that suit any style of weddings from very formal affairs to rustic garden parties.The peony season is short starting from April/May and typically through to late June, so if you have a wedding falling within these times your in luck altough saying that we had a bride this year in November we were able to source weddding peonies for! but if you have a later weddding but these are a favourite of yours a Ranunculus ( winter/spring) or even roses such as David austin roses  and other garden roses that are layered are a good substitute.


Wedding hair with flowers can be so effective and natural whether it be a flowers wired into hair grips and fastened into your curls or flower crowns for Bride and her maids! There so something so striking about floral headpieces and they are all on trend for 2019. This look can suit hair up or down just keep the make up looking light natural and fresh faced. Bridal Braids and Plaits reigned supreme at the 2019 shows and for an edgey but pretty swept back style, switch it up and opt for a dramatic plaited Parting.

Dramatic Floral instalements are another Big design choice for 2019. The unforgettable floral arch for Megan and Harrys wedding relaunch and influenced the back end of last years additonal designs, but this year the floral arch, a floral chandelier, moss ring or hanging flower hoops can add a real Wow factor to any wedding.

I hope if you are getting married this year these treding tips have helped you make some decisions... If you are looking for a florist within the surrey Hamshire & Berkshire borders give us a call 0800-470-2072

2019  Wedding Trends